A Shameless Plug

I’ve made some changes over at my other site, Taradiddlesoup.com. First and foremost is that I’ve updated the layout a bit, making it much easier to navigate the site. There are some really nice things about this. First of all, the Home button is now a Home/Categories button complete with a dropdown menu.


So as you can see, there are three immediate categories and one sub-category. Along the top next to the dropdown menu, you will see other more defined categories that are much more specific projects than others.  Let’s go over some of these.

Five Sentence Horror is more of a writing exercise for me. The purpose of that is to write a horror story and constrain me to precisely five sentences. It’s a way to keep my creative juices flowing when I am in a spell of writer’s block or just not in the mood.

Dreams is a new section. I recently found an old dream journal, and I’m transitioning them over to the blog. Most of these will be presented exactly as they were written so many years ago, only updated for spelling and maybe some grammar mistakes. Don’t expect them to be literary masterpieces, but just a peek into some wild stories.

Letters from Unsung Heroes: The Train should be familiar to anyone who’s visited my site before. The funny thing about that is that it shouldn’t have gone on as long as it has. So far, it’s one story that’s been going on for just over five years now. What has become something of a mystery told through letters of people trapped in a tunnel was initially supposed to be a comedy series of absurd letters written from people in various situations. You can see a little bit of that humor in the first post, Johnathan Millowsborough, and later Fieldcrest R. W. Wallace the Sixth. Now it’s become this mystery that I need to solve, and I have no idea how long it will take. I’ve written enough letters at this point that I feel I may need to come up with a training chart so I can take note of where all of the passengers are and not cause continuity issues.

The last section is a project of mine that I’m honestly not sure how long it will take. Modern Vampyre attempts to write a present-day vampire story while getting back to, or at least very close to, the roots of the vampire mythos. None of this turning into a bat nonsense. Garlic doesn’t repel vampires. How would vampires from the old tales fare in a modern setting? We’ve updated the vampire to fit in our world, but what if we didn’t? How would the vampire hide today? One of the challenges with this is stuff I’ve already written and posted may need to be updated and changed from time to time. One of my plans is should changes need to be made, I will create new posts to replace the old ones, but have them accessible from the Modern Vampyre page so people will have the ability to go back and compare the changes.

So there’s my shameless plug. Go check out https://taradiddlesoup.com/ and see what you’re missing. I assure you, there are some fun tales to be had.


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